“Cooking for Mr. Latte: A Food Lover’s Courtship, with Recipes” By Amanda Hesser (2004)

Started reading July 26, finished reading Aug 1.

I’ve been looking at this book on my sister-in-law’s bookshelf in New York during every visit for the past few years, and when I start reading it this most recent vacation, about a third of the way through the book I realized I had actually read some of it before. While that may have been because I had already borrowed her copy during a previous visit, it also could have been because much of this book has previously appeared in Amanda Hesser’s food column in the NYTimes magazine. But thats OK. Once I got back into it, I remembered that I like Amanda Hesser (and according to Ruth Reichl, one of my favorite food writers and memoirists–and who used to work with A.H. at the Times– Hesser is as adorable in person as she seems to be when she writes) and overall this was a good book to kickoff the challenge. It was a fast read, and although parts of it were too precious, it was fun, and just the right amount of gossipy about the NY food world (just enough to make you feel like she was providing interesting dirt–including about her own personal life–but none of it in a mean way.) And, I did want to cook a fair amount of the food she described. Will I ever actually prepare any of these dishes? Probably not. But that’s mostly because the book stayed in New York when I returned to Alabama. But anyway, first book: a success. If you like food writing or following the careers of new york-y people, you’ll probably like it too. And FYI, I’m not so sure about writing a book review every week… with all this time spent reading, I may not have the energy left to become a critic, too.