So I have my first official blog-follower!

My friend Elizabeth and I have similar tastes. We both crave Ruan Thai at least twice a week, we both like moving around furniture, and we agree that Nancy Botwin is the style icon of the 21st century. It’s become a running joke that Elizabeth likes to frequently follow my lead… When we all started getting cel phones, Elizabeth knew she didn’t need to research what type to buy, it was just easier to get the same exact one that I had bought the previous week. Same for her digital camera. Same for her car. And, same profession. (OK, kidding on that one–we do have the same job, but we became architects before we met, and she beat me to it by a few years. Nonetheless, it’s pretty funny having a close friend with the same job and the same vehicle. see left. can you spot the (very small) difference?)

Anyway, Elizabeth has precious 18 month-old twins and her own business designing really great things and is in all rather busy– but she would still like to be reading more than just her weekly dose of the tabloids. But alas. Boggle, Jon Stewart, crosswords, and the conventions await. However… Elizabeth has told me that as long as she doesn’t have to pick what’s next on her reading list, as long as I just hand her a book, she will read whatever I give her. In her mind, the choosing and the getting takes as much effort as the reading itself. Given the dedicated way she pursues a book, this is not surprising: First she goes to the library in search of a book. When they don’t have what she wants, she goes to B&N. And when they don’t have it, then she orders it there. And then goes to pick it up a few days later. Which means three trips across town for one book. I am much lazier- I just read whatever is within reach of wherever I am when I finish the previous week’s material.

While Elizabeth isn’t going to be reading all 50 of the books on my list, she has promised that whatever I hand her is what she will read next. (Feel free to join Elizabeth in the vicarious book challenge–although unless you live down the street or come to GirlsLunch every week, you’re own your own with the procurement of the actual book.) I’m even going to help her out a bit: In order to make sure that everything she reads for the next year is straight from the blog, if you give her a must-read, expect that I will read it too. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for a novel called “Morality Tale” recommended by Elizabeth’s sister Carrie.

Anyway, we didn’t exactly get this new program off to a great start: On Sunday I brought the Obama book into Elizabeth’s house and then through some confusion involving Ben and Josh, the book somehow ended up back in my car again when brunch was over. Which of course I didn’t notice until we got home. In this case, the matching cars cannot be blamed– I was entirely at fault for entrusting a 3-year-old as courier.

PS I am happy to report that Elizabeth got a new camera that so far exceeds the fabulousness of my own, I have a fit of jealousy every time I see it.