“Morality Tale” By Sylvia Brownrigg (2008) 224 pages

Started reading Sept 15, Finished reading Sept 24.

The fact that this book took me nine days to read is totally misleading. First of all, I have gotten completely swept up in Voter Registration madness (Not registered? Go! Go! voteforchange.com) and have been falling a bit behind on everything. By the time I collapse into bed at midnight, I am lucky to get in 10 minutes of reading before falling asleep. Which brings me to the second issue- if I had had one continuous chunk of, say, 3 hours, I am pretty sure I would have finished this book in one sitting. But alas, I didn’t. It took me 7 nights of 10 minutes here and there, and then two nights of “I am not turning off this light until this book is done, damnit, I don’t care if it is 1 am.” (by the way- guess who did care that it was 1 am. I’ll give you a hint. His name rhymes with “Nosh”.)

Anyway. Good novel. So good that I broke my own rule of reading two modern, literary novels in back-to-back weeks, just because Elizabeth said “You are going to LOVE this”. (OK, admittedly the fact that she read it on two days was persuasive, too. Always looking for the fast read, I am….) Whats it about? An affair that isn’t quite an affair. And its all very, very convincing. (How could Sylvia Brownrigg have been able to write this and not almost had an affarir herself? Well, I don’t know if she did or didn’t, but my bet is on yes. Or, yes, almost, in this case.) And written in an unusual but still very-readable style. Have you ever heard of a book where you don’t know the names of the main characters? And the places are described completely realistically but never mentioned by name? It’s all very specific and true, and yet anonymous at the same time. Anyway, new novel, new author (to me, anyway– I see that she’s written other books but I hadn’t heard of her before), but all highly recommended.