A friend invited me to do a “virtual book club”, which is kind of like a book chain letter, except you send one person a paperback that you’ve already read, and depending how many people are good with the follow-through, you should then soon get some books (as many as 36—but only if you have really diligent friends) sent to you. And since I’m doing this public reading project, I thought it could be interesting to not only do the virtual book club, but also report all the details here. I can only share with the first six people to contact me– At least for this first go-round–so email me or comment here if you want to participate. Then also email me your mailing address. And watch the books come flying in! If you are the 7th or later person to email me, I will suggest you as a participant to one of the first six. So you will probably still get to play. A request (but not requirement) of your participation is that you write in to the comment section here about what books you’ve received. I’ll attempt to read every single book I get in the mail and write about them here… If that isn’t enough incentive, I don’t know what is.