twilight_book_cover “Twilight” By Stephenie Meyer (2005); 496 pages

Started Reading December 8, Finished reading December 14. Saw film on December 15.

So if you want to read a almost-500 page book in less than a week, this is the one. In fact, I would have finished it much sooner had I had a few hours in a row to just sit down and read. And as my friend Kim promised, the last 150 pages go by really fast. Like, in an hour. (If only I had had this one on the plane… but no, I was busy trying to get through Sarah Vowell…)

There’s not too much new to say about Twilight, and I’m betting that you already know all about it by now… But just in case: this teenage vampire romance series was a phenomenon before it came out as a movie a few weeks ago…  now you can’t go anywhere without seeing references or hearing people talk about it. (Today I was in Barnes and Noble and saw a woman walk by with a big stack of the tell-tale black books in her arms… clearly buying gifts for all the teenagers on her list.) It’s a cute book, if you like, um, teenage vampire romances (or really, even if you don’t). Seventeen-year-old Bella moves to the Pacific Northwest to live with her dad, and develops a huge crush on a beautiful, pale guy named Edward who only hangs out with his weird siblings, all of whom are equally beautiful and equally pale and are never seen eating. Huh, go figure. Not the best-written book out there, but really, what do you expect? Bella is a pretty convincing character and the story pretty evocative of real high-school life, except for maybe, oh, the entire the vampire part. And the fact that there is no sex whatsoever– but that’s part of the plot. (Spoiler alert: it’s kind of hard for vampires to start kissing humans without going further, you know?) But it’s really fun, and even though I generally have no interest in reading anything about vampires (or werewolves, zombies, monsters, etc.) I really enjoyed this one. Eventually I’ll finish the series (the are 3 other books) but not quite yet- it seems kind of like cheating to speed through 4 books like this and legitimately count them towards the goal.

And as much as I liked the book, I LOVED the movie. It was really well-done– gorgeous and funny and full of teen-angst (that’s a good thing) and was not nearly as much of a chick-flick as I thought it might be. The actress who played Bella was perfectly cast, but I kept wishing that James Franco would show up and step in for Edward. Alas, it was not to be. Oh well. I’ll see it again anyway.