ladiesman“The Ladies’ Man” By Elinor Lipman (1999) 260 pages, Started May 2, finished May 9.

I love Elinor Lipman’s fiction. It’s much better-written than crappy chick-lit, but they are fun books and usually quick reads. This novel wasn’t as good as my favorite work by Lipman (“The Inn at Lake Devine”, which I highly recommend) but it was cute. There’s really not all that much more to say… it’s about three sisters, early-middle-aged and single, who are living together in Boston. The guy who left one of them at the alter 25 years ago comes back to town. Hijinks ensue. One thing that struck me was that when 1999 technology is described in a novel, it seems really dated and kind of funny when read a decade later. (A CD rom to find “a map of anywhere!”? Wow!)