Q: Fifty Books? From where?

A: Most of them are actually in my house already… we have tons of bookshelves in the living room, mostly full of books that I haven’t read; at least a few of those catch my eye almost every day. But most of the books I’ve been trying to start are already sitting on bedside table. After just now counting and finding out there are 21 on my side and 52 on Josh’s side, I see I may not make too big of a dent into the living room shelves this year…

Q: Can I join in?

A: Yes! Send me suggestions for books… Post a lot of comments… and even consider your own reading challenge. And send me lists of your favorite books and I’ll post them.

Q: Are you crazy? How will you have the time?

A: Yes, a little bit. (And, that may be another issue entirely.) It’s true, I do like piling my plate very high. But with reading, here is what happens to me. I am always one one of three modes: A) Reading all the time. So sucked into a book that I carry it with me everywhere and do nothing else until I finish it. B) Reading 4 or 5 books simultaneously, and not making much of a dent in any of them. Or C) Not in the midst of a book, but catching up on the New Yorker or the NYTMag or my new favorite, Jewish Living (think Martha Stewart crossed with Domino crossed with… um… a good Jewish magazine)–these are the only three magazines currently entering my house on a regular basis. (Although I have a new friend with a staggeringly fabulous collection of magazine subscriptions, and I am slated to be a recipient of her hand-me-downs, so the number of magazines in my possession may start to grow…. or maybe I have to wait on that until I’m done with the 50 books…) Anyway– the making-time-for-reading issue isn’t going to be as big a hurdle as it will be to constantly finding books that I can’t put down. Because I sometimes read that frequently anyway, now I just have to work on being in that mode more of the time. Or, all of the time. But maybe without ignoring everything else in my life…

Q: What if it takes more or less than one week to read a book?

A: I didn’t realize this would be an issue at first, but I see I need to come up with a system to clarify what I am finishing when, especially because some books are going to be significantly faster reads than others. So look at Book 4. I finished it in 5 days into week 3. So that one is listed as 3.5. But if I finished it 2 days into week 4, it would have been 4.2. Sunday will always be Day 1.


6 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. Robin Says:

    Hi there, Rebecca Reader! What a great idea. I’ve seen all of those books in your living room and they probably deserve to be read!

    I’m going to read your blog for book suggestions. I too get lazy and fly through the lightweights while never having read one Austen novel.

    Here’s to a year of quality reads.

    Robin Reader
    Currently reading: A Complicated Kindness, by Miriam Toews

  2. rebeccarothman Says:

    Thanks Robin! I’m going to read Austen too– we should read Emma at the same time!

  3. Hannah Says:

    This is great and I am awed and excited for you. (I should do away with TV too.) I’ll send you suggestions – here’s the first – I am about to start The 19th Wife.
    Good Luck!

  4. Robin Says:

    I’m up for Emma… give me the nod when it’s Austen time!

  5. Question: does your husband ever get jealous of how much time you spend with books? Because even though I don’t have a job right now or any children or pets or responsibilities at all, I can’t seem to get through a book in less than a month because my husband gets sad when I love a book more than him or when I want to read a chapter before bed instead of watching the Colbert Report with him. What to do?

  6. rebeccarothman Says:

    Jen, very good point. I usually only read when I should be sleeping. Josh makes me turn off the light, but I am allowed a booklight. And then I read when he’s working or doing something else. But I always join him for the Daily Show. Jon (and Josh) sometimes have to come first…. OK- I just noticed something new there- Peter is your husband!! That’s great– congrats!!

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